Satechi’s Wireless Charging Pad Looks Like the Best Yet

Satechi has launched a new slim and highly affordable wireless fast-charging pad to make your life easier. Unfortunately, this impressive little device has already sold out. Fear not, the charging pad is expected to be back in stock real soon, so until then, read on and decide if this is the wireless charger for you.

Fast charging is compatible with QI enabled smartphones which will charge your device up to 1.4x faster than standard charging pads. An LED light will indicate if it’s fast charging.

Thanks to its ultra-slim profile, the charging pad generates less heat, ensuring more efficient charging. Its sleek and compact design also make it the perfect accessory for any room or workspace.

satechi wireless charging device

The LED light indicates when the pad is charging your device (blue) and indicates when your device is fully charged (green).

With its premium aluminium construction and diamond-cut chamfered edges, the Wireless Charging Pad perfectly complements the sleek metallic profile of modern laptops and smart technology. The charging pad comes in four colours: Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold.

When it stock, you can purchase one for USD 29.99. You can also submit your email address to be notified when its back in stock.

Check it out

satechi fast charge


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