Say HELLO to the Most Advanced Video Communication Device

HELLO is an affordable smart-device for video conferencing, live broadcasting, and security surveillance. Simply attach it to the top of any TV, connect via HDMI and sync with a smartphone or computer via Bluetooth for live video conferencing. Any video call can be transferred to the TV with the swipe of a finger, and multiple users can participate.

hello most video conferencing device

HELLO is engineered with four microphones, a 4K video sensor and quad-core processor working together to guarantee that every person in the room is seen and heard clearly. HELLO also features a built-in accelerometer, tilting and 130° lens of vision, to ensure easy setup and the image captured is of the highest quality. If you are planning on using HELLO for security, a motion detector is also featured. It can also connect to your network via WI-FI or Ethernet cable.

boy and girl watching video by hello device

HELLO provides a straightforward and affordable alternative to expensive video conferencing systems so you end up with more money in your pocket. HELLO is crafted from machined aluminum for a combination of reliable durability and elegance for a seamless addition to your office or home. You can finally grasp that perfect balance between home and the office so you won’t miss important moments with your loved ones.

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