Say Hello to the Ray Super Remote

Just by looking at this, the Ray Super Remote looks more like a smart phone than your traditional remote control. The touchscreen replaces the ugly buttons you’re used to seeing. Ray will replace all your ramshackle remotes by itself. With a simple tap, Ray will seamlessly switch between any of your entertainment devices. There’s a capacitive touch screen on a durable corning gorilla glass and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The screen is designed with low-friction coating for effortless swiping and reduced fingerprints. It is also has a scratch-resistant, tempered glass front and back panels that have been tested to withstand your typical bumps and drops, or for those with clumsiness tendencies. For the indecisive, Ray will provide you some recommendations as well. Now what remote control does that? Let Ray control everything, while you kick back. And this is why everybody loves Ray.

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ray super touch screen remote