Scribit is a Graffiti Robot that Writes and Erases

“We call it Scribit ‘the write and erase robot’ because it both draws and erases any content on your wall,” explains Andrea Baldereschi, chief marketing officer for Scribit. “It draws by using up to four markers simultaneously, and erases drawings through a special ink that vanishes with heat.” Scribit made its official debut at CES 2019 after pulling in millions of dollars in a 2018 crowdfunding campaign.

Scribit Write and Erase Robot front view

Viewed as a “wall-crawling graffiti robot,” Scribit can draw any content you can imagine. Just import your desired artwork into the unit—you can also select artwork from a gallery or even sync Scribit with other applications like Twitter or even weather forecasts. For the robot to work, all you need is the unit with its four markers and two nails. The robot is suspended between the nails. With the artwork plotted out, it then moves around the wall, laying down the art.

Scribit Robot

The idea for Scribit originally came from Carolo Ratti, the director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Senseable City Laboratory. Ratti, who is also the founder of the Carlo Ratti Associati innovation and design studio, originally showcased the idea in 2015 for an installation in Milan. Shortly after, Scribit showed up on Kickstarter and accumulated $1.6 million in pledges. Those pledges were supposed to see their units ship in December, but things may have been pushed back a bit.
Baldereschi has promised that backers will see their robots soon, though.

Scribit Write and Erase Robot in box

“Between the end of January and next spring,” she says, “the 6,500 backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo that have supported Scribit so far will receive it first. June 2019 is the date when the Write and Erase Robot will be available for direct sales. In the meanwhile, the team will be attending several events and discussing some interesting collaborations with creative minds and innovators.” When Scribit does go on sale, it will retail for $450.

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