SCUBAPRO Gets Techy with Galileo HUD Display

SCUBA diving comes with a lot of gear, but perhaps the most important is the dive computer. The computer keeps you safe by providing the information you need to know about your gear, depth, tank level, time, and more. But that computer—and its information—can get lost in all the other gear and in the excitement of the dive. SCUBAPRO has unveiled their Galileo HUD Hand-free Computer, which mounts right to your mask and uses precision near-eye optics to keep you aware of what’s going on with your dive.

Galileo Hud ScubaPro front view

“In both design and capabilities,” explains Joe Stella, Group Vice President at SCUBAPRO, “the Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer is a leap into the future of diving technology. As part of SCUBAPRO’s Galileo Series initially launched in 2007 by our in-house team members Reima Holopainen and Jan Licthenberg, our engineers continue to deliver and set the benchmark for new computer innovation.

The unique design of the HUD truly breaks the mould in an industry full of wrist and console computers. Years of development and refinement in our Swiss R&D centre have created a dive computer that’s equal parts space-age and practical—while being easily usable for any diver right out of the box.”

Galileo Hud ScubaPro side view

The Galileo HUD computer gives read-outs in six languages. The display can be configured into a variety of layouts based on your preferences. It offers four different modes—Scuba, Gauge, Freediving, and CCR. It also uses Trimix and Nitrox with its included gas-integration transmitter to keep you appraised of accurate tank pressures, which the computer uses to calculate breathing workload and remaining bottom time.

The Galileo HUD also uses SCUBAPRO’s Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops to track your current dive as well as previous dives and the breathing mixes of those dives. That data helps to calculate intermediate stops that are a reflection of the build-up of nitrogen in your body. Using the range of Microbubble Levels, the Galileo can help divers with their nitrogen levels as they ascend from the dive.

man wearing Galileo Hud ScubaPro

And it when comes to storing all that data on your computer, the Galileo HUD wirelessly sinks with your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device using SCUBAPRO LogTRAK software (it also has a USB sync/charging cable). The Galileo battery has a 20-hour per charge life, and holds 2GB of internal memory, which can store over 10,000 hours of dive profiles plus pictures, tables and more.

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Galileo Hud computer reads six languages

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