Seaboard Rise Keyboard

When Roli first introduced the Seaboard Grand, it was a beautiful matte-black five octave keyboard at a whopping $2999. While intuitive in function and design, it was a piece of new music tech that seemed fitting for only the most experienced and wealthy musos. Introducing the Seaboard Rise: a smaller, more affordable alternative that offers portability and accessibility to a wider range of music-producing enthusiasts. The ‘5-dimensions of touch’ (strike, press, glide, slide and lift) is the key feature that differentiates the Seaboard from other creative instruments, adding more ‘feel’ to your performance. Paired with Equator, a powerful software synthesizer, you could play a wide variety of sounds. Whether you’re channeling the rock vibes of Jimi Hendrix, laying down some smooth jazz brass, or expressing your classical tastes through strings, all you need are your fingers and the Seaboard Rise. Granted, it does require some time to be able to use it to its full potential. But for the performers and composers, investing in this new piece of music tech is worthwhile. You can grab the Seaboard Rise for a starting price of $800.

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