The Secure360 Dashboard Cam is Complete Vehicle Safety Guaranteed

Leading automotive camera brand Waylens is launching the world’s first 360-degree security camera to protect your vehicle in real-time through a smartphone. The Secure360 camera captures everything going on in and around a vehicle, even when the engine’s off and you’re nowhere nearby.

the secure360 dashboard camera safety guaranteed

The camera relies on a suite of advanced low-power sensors to watch for abnormal movement or motion outside the car. If an unusual event is detected, the camera instantly turns on and starts capturing everything that’s happening, streaming video to the Waylens’ Cloud and pushing a notification to your smartphone in real-time.

the secure360 low power sensors camera

Secure360 relies on radar, a 3-axis accelerometer and GPS to detect activity. In the event of a collision, the video evidence can be retrieved from the cloud to eliminate any confusion and the GPS can also be used to track your vehicle if you forget where it’s parked. Parents can even monitor their P Plate driving teens to make sure they’re driving safely and not being typical idiotic teens. With the custom battery pack, the Secure360’s low-power sensors allow the camera to sleep with one eye open, protecting an unattended vehicle for an unprecedented 360 hours or 15 days before charging is required.

waylens secure360 camera 1

The Secure360 packs amazing technology into a beautifully-designed enclosure. Buyers can invest in a cheaper Wi-fi version or pay a little extra for a 4G compatible model. Waylens is raising funds for the Secure360 on Kickstarter right now with prices starting from US $169. Secure360 is expected to ship December 2017.

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waylens secure360 4g compatible model camera

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