Seek Mobile IR Thermal Camera

The Seek Thermal camera is a fantastic mobile IR (Infrared) attachment that you can add to your iPhone or Android phone. That’s right, thermal imaging on your smartphone. This isn’t an episode of Cops. With its wide 36 degree field of view, this mobile IR camera is perfect for use indoors and around the house. It can detect heat signatures from -40 to 330 degree Celsius, recognising long wave infrared from 7.2 to 13 microns. Contractors, plumbers and electricians can use it to identify water damage and water leaks, air leaks, missing insulation, electrical shorts and loose wiring. Home owners and DIYers can use it to conduct a home energy audit and pet owners can locate lost pets at night or in poor visibility conditions.

It has a 206 x 156 thermal sensor with a fixed focus encased in a protective waterproof case. If you need more range, the Seek XR is an extended range version of the Seek with nearly twice the magnification. The Seek XR lets you see objects at greater distances with same clarity and resolution as the original Seek camera and it also has an adjustable focus. A downside to the Seek XR Mobile IR Thermal Camera is it has a reduced viewing angle of 20 degrees. Housed in the same sturdy magnesium waterproof case, this model is great for hunters tracking game, scouting the terrain and following blood trails. Boaters can detect harmful objects on the water at night and campers can do a quick scan around the campsite for dangerous animals, because there’s nothing worse than waking up to a lion licking your toes. If you ever wanted to play the role of The Predator, trip all the lights in the house and start hunting the poor souls who dare enter your realm. Making your own sound effects are optional.

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