The Segment Camera From Blond is Old and New

With just about everybody having a high-res camera on their phones these days, it’s easy to forget that owning a really top quality camera in its own right is a beautiful thing. While some are heavy, cumbersome professional SLRs that aren’t exactly the handiest things to take on a picnic, there is a growing market for well designed user-friendly snappers that can slide into a pocket but also do a far better job at capturing a moment than anything a smartphone could ever achieve.

segment camera front side and display view

Here, London based design studio Blond have created a minimalistic design for a camera for our time. The Segment camera (named for the segment that has been carved out at the top to accomodate and in turn, protect the controls) is a beautifully simple piece of industrial design that proves that sometimes less is more. Finished in leather for a tactile feel, it combines the feeling of old-style quality with modern technology which is always a welcome duo, and we’re definitely excited to think it could soon go into production.

Check it out

segment camera notebook and bag