air selfie handheld drone launched in the market

The Selfie Stick’s Future Replacement – Air Selfie Handheld Drone

We’ve lived in the world of the selfie stick over the past few years, and it’s given us a new way to take the infamous selfie. But it’s time to ditch the stick or if you’re like it old schoo, say goodbye to asking strangers to take one for you.

air selfie handheld drone four powerful propellers

AirSelfie has launched one of their own version of the selfie stick that is a pocket-sized flying camera for your smartphone. This drone features four powerful propellers and a five-megapixel camera that is able to fly up to 20 metres above ground. This will allow you to take some insane shots of yourself and your surroundings. Also, wave bye to shaky videos or blurry photos thanks to the AirSelfie’s vibration absorber and in-flight stability system. There’s self-generated WiFi, a 4 GB micro SD memory card, and a rechargeable battery that only takes 30 minutes to be full. This is the future of the selfie.

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air selfie handheld drone in the pocket