Senik Will Save You

Designer Sailee Adhao created this low-cost, and innovative fire extinguisher for low-income earners in India. It provides a solution to first-time users due to its instinctive feature. Every part of this fire extinguisher has been designed to be affordable, accessible and sustainable. It is a reusable system that combines water-mist fire suppression technology with a rapid gas generating chemical.

senik will rad color

This design prototype is very handy for those in situations of panic where individuals are more instinctive. Simply appyly some brute force through a single blow to a bold yellow trigger button to activate and dismount Senik. After activation, the product assumes an angled form that is designed for the user to naturally aim the mist spray at the base of the fire. The prototype was tested on small, controlled fires, so it will be interesting to see if the product will be made for public use in the future.

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