Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless Headphones

Thank heavens for the Sennheiser 4.50 BTNC Wireless. After all, while there’s really no arguing with wireless headphones in concept, many leave something to be desired. In most cases that “something” is consistent sound quality and proper noise cancelation. Sennheiser dutifully researched all the customer quibbles and emerged with these award-winning beauties. Accordingly, the HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless is a prime closed-back headset that delivers superb audio, top shelf noise cancellation and supreme comfort anywhere, anytime.

sennheiser hd 450 btnc wireless headphone style

In general, closed-back headphones already do a good job at creating an insulated listening environment. However, that doesn’t always mean outside noise can’t get through and hinder the music–sometimes a little extra tech is required. That’s why Sennheiser equipped the 4.50 Wireless with NoiseGard. It’s an active noise cancellation technology that will effectively turn any surrounding environment into wallpaper (i.e. visual, not audible). Pair that sophisticated noise cancelation with proprietary Sennheiser drivers and the closed-back experience and you’re simply basking in rich detail and deep bass..

sennheiser hd 450 btnc wireless headphone carrying easy

Not only does the HD 4.50 Wireless deliver supreme fidelity, it does so with the absence of cables. As anyone who owns a pair of solid wireless headphones knows: once you go cord-free, you never go back. To make good on the hype, Sennheiser uses audio codec for transmission and New Field Communication to allow for seamless pairing with compatible devices. Enhancing those unfettered vibes are intuitive ear-cup controls and integrated microphones. Whether you’re making calls or adjusting the volume, the process remains as beautifully simple as can be.

sennheiser hd 450 btnc wireless headphone side view

The HD 4.50 Wireless features keep coming strong. Giving the headphones some ergonomic allure is an intelligent design that’s as efficient as it is comfortable. The cushioned ear pads feel heavenly as they wrap your ears in a warm embrace. A foldable headband and adjoining case makes this portable gadget all the more portable. On the purely visual front, the headphones rock the kind of sleek, minimalist profile that basically never goes out of style.

sennheiser hd 450 btnc wireless headphone outlook

Rounding out the many benefits of the HD 4.5 Wireless Headphones is a long-lasting battery. With NoiseGard turned on the battery lasts up to 19 hours. Turn NoiseGard turned off and the battery won’t quit for 25 hours. Ultimately, the HD 4.5 Wireless represents the ongoing evolution of the immersive, cord-free experience. Slip them on and sink into music while the world becomes wallpaper.

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