Sennheiser Memory Mic Captures the 1,000 Words

The Sennheiser Memory Mic makes sure that each picture is actually worth a thousand words by capturing excellent audio when recording with your smartphone. More and more, smartphones are becoming the dominate video recorders, but they all seem to suffer from poor audio quality. The Memory Mic attaches magnetically to your clothes. Once attached, you can record your video, knowing that the Memory Mic will capture up to four hours of audio at any distance from your phone, even if the mic is out of range. The captured audio is relayed to your phone via Bluetooth to a video app that then mixes both the recorded audio from the mic with the ambient noise that your smartphone picks up.

memory mic sennhieser

While the Memory Mic seems to be marketed to families, it does take a little bit of pre-planning. You’ll have to mic up before you start any adventure if you’re hoping to capture those precious childhood moments. It’s also on the big side. But on the plus, it’s wireless and reasonably priced at only $200.

sennhieser back view mic

Memory Mic works with bot iOS and Android. It has a battery life of four hours, to back up its four hours of audio recording storage. The mic charges through a USB-C port.

Check it out

sennhieser port area

side view of sennhieser mic

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