The Series 9 Shaver Brings the Brains and the Braun

The Braun Series 9 is the world’s best shaver when it comes to efficiency and skin comfort. That’s a big call, but the Series 9 has earned awards that say precisely that, including GQ’s 2016 Grooming Award. If you already own a Series 9 than bravo! You lead by example. If not, Braun’s newest flagship razor has a host of new and improved features that provide unparalleled performance. After using this shaver myself, I now see what all the fuss is about.

The first thing to grab my attention about was its striking looks. This baby is as sleek as they come. Conceived in the same homeland that gave birth to brands like BMW and Mercedes, the Series 9 shares the same premium German design pedigree. We all know great looks don’t always equate to great performance, but Braun seem to have mastered the art of achieving high standards of both form and function.

Ergonomically the shaver feels great in hand. The solid build quality, soft textured grip details in exactly the right places and nice firm buttons make for a premium tactile experience. The adjustable angle of the shaver head also offers great flexibility to achieve a comfortable angle of attack.

I found the shave to be powerful and ultra smooth. Designed to make light work of hairs of all types, textures and directions of growth, a major innovation to achieve this performance is the Series 9’s four specialised shaving elements. Count them – four, providing an intuitive and personalised shaving experience. Behind the blades, you will find smart ‘Synchrosonic’ technology that reads the density of your beard while you shave and automatically adapts 160 times per minute.

braun titanium hyper lift and direct trimmer

Each of the four blades serve a unique purpose. The new Titanium Hyperlift and Direct Trimmer situated at the centre seek out and trim those tricky facial hairs. The first blade has upright teeth engineered to shave hairs growing in opposite directions, while the final blade lies parallel to the skin to cut the flat-lying hair. The Clean and Charge Station is incredibly cool. Insert the shaver and with the touch of a button, it’s cleaned, lubricated and charged. You can also rinse it under the tap and even use the Series 9 in the shower for maximum convenience.

Overall I was extremely impressed by the shaver. The Series 9’s sleek design and solid feel are great attributes, but to me Braun’s focus on engineering the best possible blade technology is its biggest standout feature. It’s no wonder that it’s been touted the world’s most efficient shaver.

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