Shinola Are Turning Heads Again with his Runwell Turntable

And once again, Detroit is making something that everyone needs to hear. It’s not from Eminem or Big Sean, it’s from Shinola. And Shinola isn’t a rapper for those who scratched their heads wondering what song has been made by someone called Shinola. They are known for their leather goods and watches, and the dudes from Detroit at Shinola decided to bring their aesthetic expertise to create the company’s first ever turntable.

shinola turning head audio line

In a collaboration with renowned American turntable manufacturer VPI, the Shinola Runwell Turntable is the first product from the Shinola audio line. This plug-and-play turntable has a friction-free all-metal tonearm, a modular phono preamplifier, and a custom-built moving magnet phono cartridge. As expected, it’s finished with a custom leather slipmat with the iconic Shinola name imprinted. We love writing about Shinola, and for everyone who knows Shinola like we do, the aesthetics of all their products are the epitome of sophistication.

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shinola turning head moving magnet phono cartridge