The Silver Fox – Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

Samsung kept the hits coming at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and delivered products that don’t reinvent the wheel as much as they do optimise it. Among their latest stunners is the new H7 Wireless Speaker, which delivers UHQ 32bit sound from any source that provides output of 8 to 24bits. As to where those extra 8 bits come from, your guess is as good as ours.

samsung h7 wireless speaker back and top side

Beneath a modest but stunning silver exterior the H7 Wireless Speaker hosts a slew of proprietary innovations as well as ‘Distortion Cancelling’ technology, which is fortified by algorithms we won’t pretend to understand. Those nifty algorithms allow the tech to predict internal speaker movements in advance and reduce unwanted fluctuations. The result is clear, undistorted audio that won’t buckle even at high volumes or low pitches alike. Also featured on the H7 is a ‘Wide-band Tweeter’ that widens the range in which the best sound can be heard (aka the “sweet spot”). Between the stable audio and broadened range, expect powerful sound that remains crisp and clear from various listening points.

With the H7 Wireless Speakers, Samsung is hoping the corner the market where fidelity and mobility meet. The speaker is portable, sleek and wonderfully simple with only two knobs at the top. But what it lacks in clutter it makes up for in balanced, spine-tingling sound.

Check it out

samsung h7 wireless speaker front style

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