Simplify your workspace with Twelve South’s Magic Bridge for the Mac

Most people buy Macs because they look cool. An iMac elevates any boring office to a stylish, modern space. Exclusive Mac accessory retailer Twelve South seeks to elevate the Mac’s style even more with the MagicBridge, an accessory that combines Apple’s Trackpad 2 with the Magic Keyboard into one connected control surface. These two devices look like they were supposed to go together anyway. Combining them creates a larger keyboard that looks sleeker and cleaner than having these two components separate. An integrated control surface also allows you to control a presentation from across the room or work with your keyboard right in your lap.

MagicBridge is designed really well overall. It is made with lightweight polycarbonate, which helps prevent it from interfering with Bluetooth signals. The edges of the MagicBridge tray help hold the trackpad and keyboard securely in place without interfering with typing or swiping. There are silicone pads located on the inside of the tray that help protect the trackpad and keyboard. Silicone feet, located underneath the MagicBridge, helps protect your desk from marks and scratches.

 magicbridge mac magic silicone pad keyboard

Not only does the MagicBridge make your Mac look better, but it is quite functional too. The one-piece design lets you swipe and type much more efficiently. With the trackpad being right beside your keys, you can find it more easily without looking down. It is often very difficult for left-handed users to find accessories that work well for them. The MagicBridge can be configured to work for both left and right-handed users.

Convenient slots allow for easy insertion of charging cables. The precise engineering provides easy access to lightning ports and power switches.

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