Add Protection, Minus The Bulk: Peel’s Super Thin Galaxy S8 Case

Got your hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S8 and need to find the world’s thinnest protective case? Look no further than here, folks. Accessories company Peel have long been making top-quality cases and covers for smartphones of all shapes and sizes, but if there’s on thing they really understand, it’s that you didn’t fork out all those dollars for one of the thinnest phones on the market just so you could turn it into a bring the second you bung it into case.

samsung galaxy s8 rear camera

The Peel Super Thin Galaxy S8 case is the perfect solution for providing all the protection you need, without making your ultra-thin smartphone unnecessarily cumbersome. It’s available in different colours and in options for the S8 and S8+, so there’s something for everybody no matter your taste.

Check it out.

samsung galaxy s8 port

samsung galaxy s8 back panel

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