The Guy Who Invented Android Now Has His Own Smartphone – And It’s The Bomb

Andy Rubin, the father of Android, has finally unveiled his new smartphone. Rubin founded the startup Essential after leaving Google in 2014. Rubin is aiming to give Samsung and Apple a run for their money with the Essential Ph-1 Smartphone. So, how does it stack up against the major players?

essential ph-1 smartphone large screen

The Essential PH-1 runs on the newest version of Android, the Nougat 7.1.1. It has some pretty solid features, including a premium titanium-ceramic build, a large screen, an incredibly high-resolution camera and very fast processors.

essential ph-1 fingerprint sensor on back

The edge-to-edge display on the Essential Ph-1 is similar to the Galaxy S8’s display. The nearly bezel-free 5.7-inch display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and wraps around the front camera.

The phone itself is pretty resilient to wear-and-tear and drops due to the titanium-ceramic build. One of the most exciting features of this phone is the fact that it has a UHD 360 camera that can shoot 3840×1920 images at an astonishing 30 frames per second. The camera also has a monochrome sensor, which provides better low light performance.

essential ph-1 smartphone camera

One of the most interesting features of the PH-1 is the pair of magnetic pins located on the back of the phone. These allow it to attach to all kinds of accessories, from a 360-degree camera to charging docks.

Other features include a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4 GB of RAM 128 gigabytes of internal storage, rear 13MP camera, a USB-C port, Bluetooth 5.0 and a fingerprint sensor. The phone comes in a titanium black colour.

Check it out

white colour essential ph-1 smartphone

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