Behold the Future: Android P

Android started with the simple goal of bringing open standard to the mobile industry. Today, it is the most popular operating system in the world. One of the reasons it is so popular is its fearlessness to be new and innovative.

That’s why when we saw that Android P was being released, we naturally got very giddy. The mission of this new OS is to become a smarter smartphone with machine learning at its core. Two main themes in this new OS? Adaptive battery, which optimizes efficiencies in your phone to use more power when it must, but conserve as much as it can, whenever possible. Adaptive Brightness allows you to set your brightness settings according to your surroundings.

Just as phones have been able to use predictive texting for years, Android P will allow you to use predictive apps. App Actions will help you get to your next task more efficiently, but predicting what you want to do next. A common example of this given is what would happen if you connect a pair of headphones; your Spotify playlist would pop up and prompt you to begin listening.

If you’re one of the many who has a Google Pixel, you can check out a beta version of Android P now, but if not you’ll have to wait a bit longer to experience this beautiful new operating system.

Android has always been striving to build a platform for everyone and they (and we) believe that Android P is a step in the right direction. Android P aims to bring machine learning to those who want it, and provide a system that learn from you, adapts to you, and allows you to perform what you do, better.

Check it out

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