’DEET’ You Know about the LG India K7i Mosquito-Repelling Smartphone?

As if Smartphones needed to be able to do more than they already do, the LG K7i, in addition to having a whole of bunch of impressive bells and whistles, can help keep nasty, disease inducing mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones. Then again, if the people you happen to be with are hardly “loved ones,” just turn the unit off and you’ll be good to go.

lg k7i mosquito repelling smartphone front side

This phone is jam-packed with wonderful features: unique ultrasound Mosquito Away technology; 4G capacity; 5MP/8MP camera with “Gesture” shot; dual SIM “Separate Memory” slot card; long-life 2500mAH battery; etc. Extremely lightweight but with a big screen so you miss nothing, the K7i lets you choose between a normal back cover or a special cover that provides protection against mosquitoes.

lg k7i  smartphone charging port and back side

If you’re as vain and conceited as the rest of us, you will love this phone’s photo-taking capacity. The 8MP Rear Camera, for example, will make it less likely that you will miss important, never-to-be-seen again moments—i.e., your baby’s first steps, the first time your teenager went out on a date, the last time you found a 10-carat diamond ring that didn’t belong to anyone and which you could, therefore, keep—okay, that one never happened, but you get the idea.

lg k7i smartphone back side and sound speaker

Then there’s always the 5MP Selfie “Gesture Shot” Camera that will help you leave behind impressions of you for generations to come: no buttons to push, just a timer and your pretty/handsome face.

All in all, this is a decent phone, sporting 2gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of eMMC storage, this 1.1GHz Quad-Core processor.

lg k7i smartphone dual camera and flash light

Is it the best phone ever-made? No, but no other phone will keep mosquitoes away. Now, if only they made a phone that would keep your exes away, eh?

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