Lamborghini Made a Smartphone Because of Course They Did

“Wouldn’t it be cool if Lamborghini made a smartphone…?” is one of those idiotic questions you expect to overhear by a couple Bro’s on their fifth pint at a pub. But the truth is, Lamborghini has designed a smartphone in the Tonino Lamborghini Alpha One and it’s as magnificent as one of their exotic cars. But rather than delve into the wild fact that smartphones have become so ubiquitous in our lives that there is actually a market for smartphones being designed by luxury car companies, let’s focus on this high end piece of technology for someone who wants to exude success and wealth at all times.

lamborghini smartphone front and side

Operating in both a 3G and 4G network, the Alpha One has new technology from the exterior to the interior. The exterior is covered in a material unique to the phone called LiquidAlloy, which is apparently stronger than titanium and has complete corrosion resistance. The speakers on the phone are Dolby Atmos digital surround sound and the camera has a dual image stabilization method, allowing you to take a perfectly still photo when you are moving. It also has a lightening quick Snapdragon processor, giving it exceptional graphics, advanced energy efficiency and comprehensive security solutions.

And, of course, the Lamborghini “Raging Bull” logo on the outside.

Check it out

lamborghini smartphone  back view

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