HyperDrive USB-C Wireless Charging Hub is the Ultimate iPhone Accessory

HyperDrive is an award-winning hub capable of expanding a single USB-C port into 8 additional ports supporting 4K, HDMI, Ethernet, Micro SD, SD, 3x USB and the 9th port is for USB-C power delivery. This impressive hub is also a 7.5W high-speed wireless charging stand for iPhone and Android smartphones.

You can even raise the phone in portrait mode for more convenient swipe gestures while it’s charging. The high-grade hinges create infinite viewing angles for adjustable usage while charging. HyperDrive’s 3 wireless charging coils ensure there are no charging blind spots. Unfortunately, HyperDrive doesn’t promote faster-than-light travel; you’ll have to stick with science fiction for that one.

computer smartphone taking charge hyperdrive usb c wireless

As HyperDrive uses a USB-C input instead of a DC input, It’s currently the only iPhone wireless charger on the market that’s firmware upgradeable to support new features like faster iPhone wireless charging speeds in the future.

Charging at 7.5W is lower than what’s typical of fast charging. 7.5W generates less heat, ensuring your smartphone is insulated for quick and safe wireless charging.

 keep hyperdrive usb c wireless on the hand

HyperDrive is created by Sanho who has already raised over 500K through Kickstarter and drawn the attention of almost every single tech site in the process.

There’s still plenty of time for you to lock in your hub/wireless charger for $50 off the expected retail price. HyperDrive is scheduled to ship May-June 2018.

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hyperdrive usb wireless charging cable hold on hand

hyperdrive wireless holds three regular usb3 ports

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