Kyocera KY-01L Card Phone Makes Communication Even Smaller

Bigger phones with more screen may be the rage, but a Japanese company is banking on the need of a smaller phone becoming the next trend. The Kyocera KY-01L is a phone that can fit inside a business card holder. The phone measures 91mm X 55mm. If you need a frame of reference to just how small this phone is, it has basically the same footprint as your credit card (the only difference being that the phone is 5.3mm thick and weighs 47 grams).

The card phone has a 2.8-inch monochrome-paper screen and a 380mAh battery. As you might expect, the card phone does have a web browser but no camera, nor does it support any apps, but it does have LTE connectivity. The card phone does have text function, as well as a calendar and a calculator.

kyocera ky-01l card phone front side

The Kyocera Ky-01L Card Phone is only being released in Japan—for now—and retails for 32,000 yen.

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slim kyocera phone side view

kyocera ky-01l card phone back view