The Maker DIY Phone Teaches You the Magic Behind Smartphones

As far as educational toys go, the Maker DIY Phone from Albert Gajsak is pretty cool. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and a major part of our modern lives. The Maker Phone isn’t nearly as sophisticated, but it still offers plenty of functionality.

What it really does is teach you how those smartphones work.

laptop with diy phone

The Maker DIY Phone comes as a kit that you put together and program yourself (there’s an option to purchase a toolkit if you don’t have the necessary equipment). It’s a fully functional mobile phone that you can use for calls and texting, but also for games (like Space Invaders, Pong, or Snake), and other apps (such as custom media players). It uses Arduino and can be coded in Python and Scratch.

Putting this phone together will have you walking away knowing the basics of electronics, like what a resistor is or how to solder. You also learn physical computing and how to code in Scratch, Python, and Arduino. But just how complicated is the project? An 11-year-old kid should be able to put the phone together with a little adult help and supervision. After the phone is assembled, the learning potential is unlimited as you learn about the software involved.

The Make DIY Phone lets you explore the tool that you never leave home without—your phone. Not only will you be able to wow your friends with your newfound knowledge and skills, but you’ll also have a completely unique phone.

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