Secure Charging Made Easy with The Meem Cable

While it’s useful to plug your phone into any computer to charge it and back it up, sometimes you don’t want to share everything that’s on your phone, especially when it ain’t your computer. This raises a simple yet common problem for many. But what if you could store everything on your phone somewhere else while still charging it? Enter the Meed Cable for both Android and iPhones, a cable that has a small hard drive built directly into it.

Meem allows you to back up your contacts, calendar, photos, videos, music and messages, among other things, all on your charging cable. There’s an adaptor that plugs into your phone, runs all the data through a small built in hard drive and then connects it to your computer for power, without the concern of all your private stuff getting shared wherever you plug in. Obviously you have the choice of putting these items onto your computer still, or any computer you plug the Meem into, but you don’t have to – you can just leave them on the Meem, allowing you to delete items on your phone and free up space. The tech works with any device that runs Android OS 4.1.2 and later, or just about any iOS system that exists today.

Available in 32 gb, 64 gb and 128 gb sizes, there is no chance you’ll ever run out of storage while you’re on the go.

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