Native Union Charging Dock is a Must-Own Accessory

If you’re yet to invest in a wireless charging dock for smartphone, chances are you were waiting for the right one. Enter accessory brand Native Union who launched an incredibly sleek wireless charger that’s just as refined as your iPhone and is available for a fraction of that price. Not only will its minimal aesthetic enhance your desktop or bedside table, but the wireless connection will also save you from fumbling the cable connection after dark.

Compatible with select iPhone models and all other Qi-enabled devices, Native Union has meticulously designed the wireless charging dock to provide the optimal viewing angle for video calls and facial recognition. The viewing angle also allows for easy access to your phone’s other functions while charging in both landscape and portrait modes. The wireless charger can still give you a power boost through most iPhone cases up to 3mm thick.

native union dock wireless charger

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Native Union’s wireless dock charges fast and is built with a unique thermal protection sensor and foreign object detector, meaning it won’t overheat. It’s made from hard-wearing textile and precision-engineered steel to ensure durability, while the premium woven fabric makes for the ideal finishing touch.

The braided cable comes in at a lengthy, convenient 6.5 feet (1.98m), and the charging dock is available in your choice of slate and rose colourways.

In 2020, upgrading to a wireless charger is a no-brainer. It can transform the annoying chore of charging a smartphone into something desirable. If you opt for the Native Union charging dock, that unique viewing angle is guaranteed to go over a treat next time you’re working from home and forced into a Zoom video call. Native Union’s dock is a tax deduction in the making.

Buy it here (Australia) Buy it here (United States)

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