Nokia 9 Pureview Might Be More Camera than Smartphone

Things were pretty nifty when phones had a camera added. They got even niftier when both a front and back camera was released. Nokia is taking things to the niftiest by adding not just another camera, but five cameras. The Pureview Smartphone features two color and three monochrome 12-mega-pizel, f/1.8 Zeiss-developed cameras. Why so many, you might wonder? That many cameras allows for shooting in different exposures all at the same time. Those exposures are then merged together for an image that has more detail, more accurate color, and post-processing depth control. The front hasn’t been left out—there is a single camera there as well (so, technically, the Pureview has six cameras).

Nokia 9 smartphone pureview

The cameras capture in RAW, which is helpful for anyone wanting to work with the images. And since Nokia partnered with Adobe, there will be plenty of room to play with the photos in Adobe’s Lightroom (and not some watered down app).

Nokia 9 clear camera

The obvious intention of this camera is photography, but it’s also a very capable smartphone. It has a 3320mAh battery and comes with Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the 2K OLED, 5.99-inch screen. It also comes with Android 9 Pie, so no need for skins or add-ons. Like many phones today, it comes with Snapdragon 845, and has 6GB of RAM with 128GB of built in storage. It also has NFC functionality and can wirelessly charge in addition to its Type-C port.

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