Razer Phone Unleashes the Power of Mobile Gaming

The tech brand of choice among gamers has officially entered the smartphone market with steadfast stride. Indeed, the Razer Phone delivers stunning power, speed, longevity and resolution as if it’s been playing the smartphone game for ages. However, don’t mistake the new gadget as being strictly a “gamer’s” device. With its 12MP dual cameras, long-lasting battery life, Snapdragon 835 processor and 8 GB of RAM, the Razer Phone is a safe bet for anyone seeking a quality mobile experience.

razer phone real world race car gaming

Ultimately, of course, it’s the gamer’s getting the most excited. And with good reason. Like both a virtual and real world race car, Razer’s smartphone debut is packed with performance features to guarantee a smooth, optimal ride. Among them is UltraMotion technology on the display, which amounts to zero lag or stuttering by way of a 120 Hz refresh rate. That’s coupled with Quad HD resolution, bringing the utmost tier of colour and scope to mobile entertainment.

razer phone dolby atmos sound like concert

In the audio department, Razer certainly didn’t slouch. The phone blasts Dolby Atmos sound through two front-facing speakers and dual amplifiers. Switch to wireless headphones (the Razer Phone doesn’t include a jack) and get drenched in audiophile sonics by way of THX-certified hardware. It’s all housed in a sleek, albeit straightforward design. Call it razor sharp if you will–or just call it Razer Phone.

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