The Blloc Smartphone is for People Who Get Things Done

The Blloc Smartphone has a philosophy of keeping things simple so that you can avoid distractions that keep you from getting things done. Described as “plain and minimalistic,” Blloc moves us back from smartphones that are communication hubs, daily planners, DJs, televisions and movie screens, arcades, contact lists, email servers…and on and on. Instead, Blloc is an easy-to-use messaging platform designed with communication and productivity in mind.

blloc minimalist smartphone screen view

Using what is called the “Root,” Blloc integrates the most commonly used services and apps into one location. Those services and apps appear as tiles on your homepage, which you can control by tapping and swiping. Those tiles display pertinent information for your day—weather reports, news alerts, even positive messages that you need to see or how far away your Uber is. The apps include Messenger, Weather, Uber, Whatsapp, Google Maps, N26, News Service, and Spotify. The Blloc OS is distraction free and built on the Android 8.1 system. The whole point of the program is to free up information and make it more fluid so that you have what you need when you need it. Blloc also learns about you, putting more of the information you use up front.

blloc smartphone pillow background screen image

Blloc has a 5.5 inch LCD IPS FHD+ display, and 4 GB of memory with 64 GB of storage, as well as a slot for an SD card. The battery is fast charge enabled and has a 3100 mAH capacity. It also comes with a camera and is capable of 4K video.

Check it out

blloc smartphone side view

blloc smartphone show charger port

blloc smartphone rare camera

blloc smartphone packaging prototype

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