Our Thoughts on the Red Hydrogen One 3D Holographic Smartphone

Red, the company behind the professional cameras used to film many of the modern Hollywood blockbusters is entering the smartphone market with a cutting-edge device that’s dubbed the “world’s first holographic media machine.”

The Hydrogen One smartphone features a 5.7-inch holographic display that can seamlessly switch between standard 2D, holographic, 3D and augmented reality without the need for those annoying 3D glasses. The Hydrogen One will also feature a high-speed modular camera that can shoot high-quality motion, still images and 3D holographic images through a new format called “Hydrogen.”

red hydrogen one smartphone

Exclusive to this version of the Android OS is a converter that can shift from stereo sound to expansive multi-dimensional audio. Red is saying the quality is like listening to 5.1 surround through your headphones. There’s no official word if the Hydrogen One will include a headphone jack, but from the one available image it sure looks like it does.

If you own or work with one of Red’s cinema cameras, the Hydrogen One can function as “Command Central,” integrating with them as both a user interface and monitor for pocket-size direction.

Connectivity and charging are handled through the included USB-C cable and charger, plus Hydrogen’s expandable Micro SD card slot will be incredibly useful for those high-quality holographic images. Speaking of storage, Red is yet to announce the size of Hydrogen One’s internal storage and many other internal specs or any real previews of the holographic display. We’re expecting a powerful processor and plenty of RAM to handle the 3D content, but time will tell.

red digital cinema shot on red

If what little you’ve seen is enough to convince you, pre-orders are open via the official Hydrogen website. You can choose between 2 models: An aluminium version for US $1195 or a titanium casing for US $1595. The smartphone is unlocked so you can shop around for a service provider. The Red Hydrogen One is expected to ship the first quarter of 2018.

Even without a lot of details, it’s still an impressive smartphone. I mean, James Cameron travelled to the bottom of the ocean and back and still couldn’t get beyond those painful 3D glasses.

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