We Caught Up With the Oppo R15 Pro Camera Phone

Chinese electronics brand Oppo has a knack for making quality smartphones that come straight out of the iOS playbook, but run on the Android platform. That said, the R15 Pro camera phone forges its own path, still borrowing from Apple, but not necessarily to the point of outright imitation. Is there a notch? You bet there is. There’s also no home button.

However, in the general departments of design and performance, the R15 Pro manages to distinguish itself in a number of ways. The result is a formidable smartphone, which flaunts an impressive display and some truly solid camera technology, among other things. How do we know? Because we recently got our hands on one, and have been playing with it ever since. Read on for an in-depth review.

Oppo R15 Pro Red


Available to Australians in either Ruby Red or Cosmic Purple, the Oppo R15 Pro touts a shiny metallic body, with a finish that hinges on iridescent. And while associations with the iPhone X or Huawei P20 Pro feel inevitable, you probably won’t hear any customers complaining, especially when you consider the fact that the R15 Pro costs less than both those competitors.

While on the subject of the gadget’s shiny and metallic body, it’s supremely cool, but also something of a fingerprint magnet. However, that’s probably the only negative thing we’d have to say about it. Otherwise, the gadget hosts a super-thin (almost edgeless) bezel and a 6.28″ super full-screen notch display. Also featured is a headphone jack, so take that, iPhone X!

oppo r15 pro camera phone features


Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, the R15 Pro is certainly no slouch in terms of speed and performance. Furthermore, thanks to VOOC Flash Charging technology, the phone charges in what seems like record time. Put it all together and you end up with a device that operates efficiently, charges quickly, and lasts long, to say the least. 

oppo r15 pro rear view

Of course, what really makes this gadget stand out is the premium camera setup. Being that Oppo previously made a name for itself as the first brand to introduce 5MP and 16MP front cameras on smartphones, as well as the first brand to introduce the motorised rotating camera, the R15 Pro has big shoes to fill. Thankfully, this baby is up to the task. That is to say, the smartphone comes equipped with an upgraded 20MP front-facing selfie camera, as well as re-invented ‘Sensor-HDR’ technology, which improves backlighting when you take a selfie, and lets you check high dynamic exposure live effects in real-time.

Oppo R15 Pro selfie

Naturally, Oppo didn’t forget about the rear cameras, which are likewise more advanced than ever. To that end, the R15 Pro’s 16MP and 20MP dual rear cameras feature upgraded scenario recognition by way of AI-enhanced technologies. Included among those technologies is AI Scene Recognition, which identifies up to 120 environmental conditions, and reacts (i.e. dims, brightens, changes the contrast) accordingly. There’s also AI Beauty 2.0, the next generation of Oppo’s facial recognition technology. It has the power to break down facial features according to a number of variants, and then beautify the resulting selfie.

oppo r15 pro rear view camera

To make a great thing even greater, the R15 Series marks the first smartphone to incorporate a Sony IMX519 on the rear with a pixel size of 1.22 microns. As a result, the cameras deliver stronger overall performance, while expanding upon the canvas of photosensitivity. Along similar lines, Artistic Portrait Mode utilises unique 3D lighting to give each photo further dimension.

Overall, the smartphone’s camera definitely makes good use of the word “Pro”, offering premium quality, speed, and resolution in equal measure. Meanwhile, the images come to life on the gadget’s truly impressive super full-screen display.

Oppo R15 Pro girl


A new smartphone usually means improved navigation features, and the Oppo R15 Pro is no exception. Thanks to the latest from ColorOS Android, the device allows you to substitute swipes for keys, thereby drawing upon the iPhone X’s seamless usability. As a result, the R15 Pro remains similarly accessible. Meanwhile, if you’re more of an Android button kind of guy, you have the power to activate those as well.

It’s also worth noting that ColorOS now comes with an AI smart assistant built-in. Consequently, you can pull up the appropriate interface, and do everything from schedule meetings, track deliveries, count steps, and more.


Oppo might not be a huge name in Australia just yet, but they consistently rank among the most popular brands in China. That’s with good reason, as Oppo continues to offer swift camera technology and downright approachable design. It’s then no surprise that the R15 Pro endures as a terrific all-around device, which delivers a slew of benefits at arguably less cost than the competition.

Speaking of the competition, Oppo smartphones are constantly stacked up against iPhones, but that’s not where the comparisons end. In fact, the R15 Pro, in particular, is just as commonly drawing comparisons to both the One Plus 6 (from the same parent company, BBK Electronics), and the Huawei P20 Pro. For the sake of simplicity, however, we’ll go ahead and say that if you love the iPhone X, you’ll probably love the R15 Pro as well, which bridges Apple-like design with Android functionality, while tossing in some legendary camera features.

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oppo r15 pro in the box