Why the iPhone IQ Would Change the Game

Are you ready for the biggest, baddest, iPhone concept to date? Steel Drake of Yanko Design sure is.

flat view image iPhone

The iPhone IQ has many new features that we’ll get to in a moment, but perhaps most notably goes away from the all glass body that iPhones have been sporting of late. Bringing the metal back, back (pun intended) strengthens the designs, but also allows it to be curved and shaped in such a way that it would be the most ergonomically adapted phone out there. iPhones have been focusing on getting smaller and skinner for years now, but in search of what? To better fit in a pocket? The iPhone IQ forgoes being the THINNEST in pursuit of being the most effective. With the best design for your hand, it is easy to hold, easy to use, and the fully curved display allows for optimal viewing.

In an industry that focused on getting smaller for so long, we’ve seen trends reverse recently in the golden age of streaming TV and sports. When screen space is a premium, the iPhone IQ excels, delivering a screen that is larger and more capable than the iPhone X.

iPhone slim figure

The extension of applications allowed by a pleasantly curved screened include a truly borderless display, invisible camera, hidden sensors, and overall a larger size. What’s more? It wouldn’t even need a case to be protected.

Check it out

slide view iPhone concept

front view iPhone

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