Smooth Operators – Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Earphones

Denmark’s Bang & Olufsen represents everything we love about gear and design. Their clean aesthetic seems almost ripped from the pages of Apple except B&O dates back to 1925, which begs one to ask who’s ripping pages from whom? B&O just released the Beoplay H5 Wireless earbuds and like everything else from the company the gear is wildly popular and painstakingly efficient.

bang and olufsen beoplay h5 earbuds style

The first thing catching the eye on the Beoplay H5 is the braided textile cord connecting the earphones. For the material B&O sought inspiration from premium sneakers and as such the cord is effortlessly smooth and durable. When you’re not wearing the earbuds you can hang them around your neck–they connect via built-in magnets and automatically power down to save battery life.

bang and olufsen beoplay h5 earphone on paper

On the technical front the earbuds deliver the best in contemporary audio and function. They can take calls, respond to voice commands and play music with exceptional clarity and precision. Since different environments call for different audio experiences there are a slew of pre-set options so the sound can match the surroundings. All those presets can be adjusted via iPhone and Apple Watch.

bang and olufsen beoplay h5 earphone nice look

The H5 Wireless Earphones are optimal, comfortable, dependable and resistant to wear. And you shouldn’t ask for anything less.

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bang and olufsen beoplay h5 earphone front side

bang and olufsen beoplay h5 earphone design