A Snapshot of History – ALPA 12 Anniversary Edition Set

In its purest form, photography is simply a way to preserve the past and nowhere is that more obvious than in the case of the new anniversary edition camera from Swiss camera virtuosos ALPA. It’s a rare milestone double-bill for the company – 70 years since it was founded in Switzerland, and 20 years since it was bought by Ursula Capaul and Thomas Weber and repositioned as a medium format platform.

 alpa 12 swa camera front side

To honour the occasion, ALPA have released a special edition version of their original medium format camera, the ALPA 12 SWA. Limited to a run of only 20, it’s a modernised take on a vintage camera, with rosewood grips and a specially-made ALPA/Linhof 6×9 roll film back.

 alpa 12 swa camera all accessories

It also comes with a Rodenstock/ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/70 mm special edition lens, ALPA viewfinder, light meter and other various goodies all packed into a contemporary camera case. Whilst the ALPA 12 SWA is a dedicated analog camera, it also has the option for a digital back for those looking to bring it into the 21st century. It’s selling for the modern price of $US22,500 so it’s a pricy piece of the past, but an undeniably remarkable collector’s item.

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