Solar Scroll Portable Charger

Everybody seems to want to cash in on the solar power craze. Fortunately, the Solar Scroll Portable Charger is getting it right. What good is a solar charger when the panels are bigger than you are? SOUL Inventions is kicking that idea to the curb and offering a portable charger powered by the sun that weighs less than 10.5 ounces. Scroll features a military grade rollable solar panel that is connected to a battery that measures 7.5X1.5X1.4 inches—about the size of a water bottle—and has a 5200mAh capacity. That capacity is enough to charge your cell phone twice. Scroll can be charged either by plugging it in or by using the solar scroll. Because of its size, Scroll is perfect for outdoor adventures. In fact, one strong selling point is its ability to attach to your backpack. Once attached, the scroll can be unrolled to soak up the sun while you’re hiking. Even if you’re in a more urban setting, Scroll is discrete enough that you can deploy it without attracting a lot of attention.

front view solar charger

The solar panel is made from CIGS military grade amorphous thin film, which simply means that it is pliable, durable, waterproof, flexible, and lightweight. Additionally, these solar panels even work in overcast conditions. Even if individual cells are damaged, the rest of the panel will continue to work.

solar portable charger

There may be options out there for solar power, but not many will be as convenient and durable as the Soul Solar Scroll Portable Charger.

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full view solar charger

portable charger

in a man hand portable charger

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