The Solu Computer Mimics the Functionality of Your Brain

Founded by Finnish tech entrepreneur Kristoffer Lawson, Solu is the world’s smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating system, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model. Launched in October 2015, the computer is being labelled a social computer and features an entire ecosystem built around the way people work and play today, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to get things done wherever you are, whenever you need them done.

The Solu OS is the first operating system to use the cloud as a key component. It was built around collaboration and the ability to split your life into multiple projects. Think of Solu as a natural extension to your mind. Solu’s user interface revolutionises the way people use computers by mimicking the functionality of your brain. The zoomable interface allows you to organise your projects and applications using simple, natural gestures. You can use the pocket-sized computer as a stand-alone portable device, or connect it to a screen and keyboard for a full desktop experience.

Solu computer.2

Solu computer.1