Somnox Envisions a Future Where Humans Sleep Better with Robots

The sleep revolution is here, and it’s all about getting up close and personal with a small, intelligent, robot. The Sleep Robot from Somnox is designed to improve sleep by soothing your body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety so you can fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Research shows that breathing is essential for naturally reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Somnox designed its bot to simulate human breathing which causes you to subconsciously adjust your breathing to the rhythm of the robot. In turn, you will have a better night sleep.

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“We’ve been personally exposed to the effects of sleep deprivation,” says Somnox co-founder Julian Jagtenberg. “That’s why we founded Somnox. Rather than reaching for addictive medication, we wanted to offer a natural approach on improving sleep.”

In addition to breathing, the sleep robot can play the sounds of heartbeats, lullabies, guided meditation – or your own uploaded personal audio files via the accompanying app. Set your personal preferences during the day and ensure a tailored approach to improve sleep during the night.

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Somnox is seeking funding via Kickstarter and has already amassed a whopping €50,000 over its funding goal. There’s still time for you to secure a sleep robot for a discounted price before they hit retail in 2018 or you can lock in some Somnox robot pyjamas.

Disclosure: Man of Many cannot guarantee that sleeping with a robot won’t make your partner jealous.

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