Sony’s Life Space UX Speaker Adds a Touch of Glass

In the not-so-vast world of high quality sound technology integrating perfectly with household items, it’s hard to go past Sony’s ridiculously clever and innovative range of audio visual equipment known as ‘Life Space UX’. The range features short throw projectors that can turn your wall into a 147” HD screen, or a window gazing out at anything you like, light bulbs that have built-in Bluetooth speakers that flash with the music, and now this, the Sound Glass speaker.

sony space ux speaker on dinner table

This little beauty looks like the most elegant camping lantern you ever did see, but the beautiful design of the glass cylinder surrounding the LED light / faux candle flame is actually the key to its crystal-clear sound. The organic glass is almost like a tuning fork, reverberating the sound waves through the whole device, creating a warm and harmonic audio experience for the user and delivering high pass, low pass and bass frequencies in a unique format. It connects via Bluetooth to devices that stream music and links to the SongPal app on iOs or Android, to control the audio and light settings remotely as well. It genuinely looks very elegant and holds a charge for four hours of playing time – flick on some Michael Bublé and this might be an even more romantic addition to a dinner table than the humble candle.

sony space ux speaker faux candle flame