The Spector Design Tool is a Font of Creative Wisdom

Working as a designer is often like forgetting to return DVDs to Civic Video. You tend to see things you like, borrow them and then in turn, somehow, make them your own. This Spector design tool is one of the simplest ideas we’ve come across, and it’s so clever in its execution it begs the question ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’

spector design tool store up to 20 fonts

This is the final MA project for the UK’s Royal College of Art student Fiona O’Leary, and is still only a working prototype. The small item, that looks a bit like a nightclub’s rubber entry stamp, captures typefaces, text size and colours, and via bluetooth translates that data directly to your computer. This is a god-send for designers and means that if you see a font you like, you can get it straight away. If you need to know a print size it’ll tell you that too, and if this isn’t enough to excite the digital editor inside you, it also detects exact colour matches and translates them as either RGB, CYMK or Pantone values, so you’ll never spend hours adjusting hues on Photoshop again.

spector design tool very small enough to carry

It can also store up to 20 fonts, so you don’t have to be next to your computer to use it, and it’s small enough to carry around in your bag. While it captures so much cool stuff already, it’s also captured our intrigue and we look forward to witnessing the final product.

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