Sprimo Takes It Personally – Sprimo Personal Air Purifier

Let me spring a question onto you. Think about the scorching Australian summer. Then imagine sitting in a friend’s car in this warmth, the air conditioning isn’t performing well enough, so you adjust the air vents to suit you. Sometimes we just want all the cold air to ourselves.

Well, Sprimo creates a personalised stream of air of its users rather than trying to clean all the air in the room. Think of it as efficient distribution of air, where it cleans only the air that enters your lungs. Sprimo reigns supreme over the competition as its filters are customisable. This is highly useful for individuals carrying allergies or live in an environment with a lot of pollen. Once you turn it on, it filters out toxins and allergens, where the fan subtly blows towards your face and create what Sprimo call as “a bubble of fresh air.” It looks like a set of high-end speakers but swaps sound for clean air.

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sprimo air purifier all over view