Standing Strong – The Yohann iPad Stand

As Uncle Ben so eloquently uttered all those years ago: “with great Apple comes great accessory”. Who knew that generations of technology later we’d be looking at something as functional and pretty as the Yohann iPad stand?

 yohann ipad stand several colour and material options

Available in several colour and material options (black, white, glacier blue, Swiss red and night blue, as well as two wooden models offered in oak or walnut), the Yohann is every design guru’s solution to the problem of comfortable iPad use. It also comes in three sizes, meaning your bases are covered no matter what iPad you choose to use.

 yohann ipad stand helping easily work

Designed to be as flexible in purpose as the tablet it supports, the Yohann has got to be one of the sexiest aftermarket Apple accessories around. The design is in fact so simple and elegant it’s a wonder Apple didn’t think of it themselves. Perfect for both home and office, this is definitely an instant hit and a bargain for anybody who’s ever dropped an iPad, or has trouble finding the sweet spot for that perfect working angle.

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yohann ipad stand use anywhere

yohann ipad stand music playing