Stay Connected with the Ampware Hand Crank iPhone Case

Watching the battery bar on your phone getting progressively lower and lower can be the bane of any mobile user’s existence. Much in the same way, using all the apps you can muster should not mean only having a phone for half a day before it dies. Well now there is a solution to this problem, the Ampware Case. This case possesses an on broad generator with up to 1 full amp of charge. Two minutes of charging will get you an emergency call, Ten minutes will get you up to two hours of regular use. The case also comes with the added features of drop and impact protection. It also comes in 3 colours: ‘Shadow’ which is a smooth black, ‘Sport’ which is an interesting lime green, and ‘Ranger’ a military camo shade. Extremely light and portable this bad boy will keep you charged anywhere, and is the answer to feeding your Instagram addiction.

stay connected with ampware hand crank iphone case