Streamlined Sound – Jabra Halo Smart Wireless

The Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Headphones came into existence after the company discovered a few key things about today’s consumers. One: everyone uses his or her smartphone for basically everything. Two: 79% of headphone users would prefer to have one listening device that handles all their communication and music needs while withstanding environmental distractions such as wind. Done and done, says Jabra.

jabra halo smart wireless headphone look sharp

In our opinion, the Jabra Halo Smart represents true function over fashion. That’s not to say the earbuds don’t look sharp, but rather that the device is governed by principles of convenience and utility rather than trying to stylistically out-trend the competition. Where the Jabra Halo Smart truly shines is as a handy resource that saves you a ton of hassle. The wireless device allows you to accept calls, listen to music, access Siri or Google Now, and stay connected to smartphone notifications by way of small vibrations in the neckband, all at once. If you’re on Android you’ll see extended benefits like readouts of social media notifications and text messages.

jabra halo smart wireless headphone exceptional sound quality

Take all of the above and throw in some exceptional sound quality, advanced wind-noise protection, ample voice capability, and up to 17 hours talk time or 15 hours of music time before recharging, and you’re dealing with a device that takes the “smart” in its name pretty seriously. The future is here and it’s all about streamlining our various accessories. Jabra is one company that won’t be left behind.

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jabra halo smart wireless headphone smart quality