Strike is the World’s First Smart Baseball

Strike is the world’s first smart baseball that utilises modern technology to detect and display the speed, spin rate and pitching trajectory of each throw. Typically when baseball teams or TV stations try to record how pitchers pitch they have to setup million dollar equipment and special hardware all around the field to get the data. But now, thanks to the creators of Strike, all you need is the smart baseball and a smartphone. Strike records and immediately sends the pitching data to a mobile device in real time. The Strike App then generates this information into a 3D viewing simulation for you to analyse.

first smart baseball strike looks

The Strike app also collects and stores the history of each pitch and turns the data into a friendly chart for users to refer to anytime. By doing this users can quickly adjust their technique to improve their pitch. Furthermore, coaches and scouts have more options to recruit pitchers as well. Strike looks, feels and weighs the same as an ordinary ball so it won’t hinder performance when returning to the game.

first smart baseball hinder performance when returning

Inside Strike there’s an electronic board, gyro, Bluetooth chipset and related electronics. The chipset easily records and detects the movement of the ball and sends out the data just like the GPS in a car. A wireless pad charges Strike, meaning no fragile & ugly USB port on the ball. Each Strike Pack includes one smart baseball, a wireless charger pad, USB charging cable, a Strike bag and a free download of the companion app. Strike is campaigning via Kickstarter right and could use a hand reaching the funding goal.

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