Supersonic – Sony SRS-XB40 Speakers

Bluetooth speakers keep getting better and making more sense to those of us who love both unfettered mobility and uncompromised sound. Here to ensure the wireless party keeps going strong is Sony’s new SRS-XB40 Speaker with Bluetooth, which employs an Extra Bass function to aim for the deepest of vibrations. The colourful speakers are also long lasting, water resistant and brimming with electronic lights. And for those who like their parties really thumping, you can sync the SRS-XB40 speakers together and blast music from up to ten at a time.

sony srs xb40 speaker is waterproof

Ultimately, the SRS-XB40 speakers and products like it represent brands like Sony putting bigger and better things in smaller or sleeker packages. In the same manner that computers used to be the size of a wall and are now the size of a watch, superior audio no longer has to mean gigantic speakers that practically reach the ceiling. However, don’t think that bluetooth speakers are an acceptable substitute to high fidelity equipment just yet because they’re not by any stretch of the imagination. But with each new innovation, brands like Sony get closer and closer to putting top shelf performance in products that can actually fit on the top shelf.

Check it out

sony srs xb40 speaker uncompromised sound

sony srs xb40 speaker have many colors

sony srs xb40 speaker 3d design

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