Take Your Next ‘Pictar’ with Miggo

When you have an iPhone, accessories are inevitable. The case is the most essential of the bunch. Traditionally, case is made to protect, but modern-day society seek cases with other functionalities such as those that act as an additional battery source. Well, the Pictar camera case from Miggo provides the usability of a DSLR on your iPhone.

girl using phone by pictar camera case

It resembles a classic camera with its retro design inspired by Fujifilm, complete with buttons and dials. It brings more physical controls to your photography experience. There is a shutter button with half-press focus locking, a dial for f-stop or exposure compensation, a smart wheel for changing modes (manual or semi-automatic) and a dial that is used for digital zoom or as a selfie shutter button. The lens of the iPhone is left exposed, so users can attach other accessories such as lens adapters. Also there is a virtual button on the touchscreen to allow faster access to regularly used settings, which negates the need to navigate through various onscreen menus.

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