Take Your Best Shot With a DJI Osmo Plus

Cameras can be a bit of a forgotten accessory in 2016. With everybody walking around with them attached to their phones, it’s easy to forget the difference a ‘proper’ camera can make with regards to shooting top quality snaps. With the technology seemingly improving faster than the market can keep up, one can be forgiven for not really knowing where to begin, but that’s okay, companies like DJI are there to remind us that easily integrated, user-friendly devices are always going to win the race for less tech-savvy consumers.

dji osmo plus camera stick ancient technology used

This is their Osmo Plus, a camera that uses a gimbal – the same ancient technology used to stabilise ships’ compasses – to guarantee you get a steady shot every time. The camera features 7X zoom, a clever motion time-lapse feature that can move the lens slowly over a long period, a special selfie function for easy focussing at short-range, panorama option and can shoot 4K / 30fps video for HD home movies that’ll impress.

It also links effortlessly with your smartphone for the easiest control center you’ll see in a digital camera. At $649 USD, it’s a formidable competitor in the non-professional camera market and given it’s completely stress-free user friendly appeal is an obvious winner.

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dji osmo plus camera stick using party