Taking Photo Editing to a New, Simpler Level – Loupedeck Lightroom Editing Console

Loupedeck is a new physical device that’s designed specifically to edit photos inside the Adobe Lightroom. This takes editing to whole new level and puts a new tier of simplicity and control right at your fingertips. The company states that, “the hands-on and highly intuitive console replaces the mouse and keyboard, and it works seamlessly with Apple and PC operating systems.”

 loupedeck smart keyboard all functionality system

The product is super user-friendly as many of the interface controls are labelled with the editing function they perform, from scrolling surfaces to controlling individual colour channels to adjusting presets. The keyboard-sized device is finished off with an oversized dial that handles rotating and cropping. The matte black with silver edges adds a sleek and sophisticated look to blend aesthetically with any work station. The initial Loupedeck is currently only compatible with Adobe Lightroom, but the Finland-based team behind it aims to make the product compatible with other photo editing applications somewhere down the line. It is slated for release in September 2017 with funding through Indiegogo.

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man using loupedeck smart device