The Caterpillar S60 Smartphone, For the Man’s Man.

Looking across the market, the words ‘water-resistant’, ‘scratch-proof’ and ‘drop-proof’ get thrown around all too often, with the ever present fine print detailing underneath that no, you can’t ACTUALLY take your phone underwater (and expect warranty…), and no, you can’t just ‘knock your phone off the table’ and expect everything to be fine and dandy. The Caterpillar S60 Smartphone changes all that in a big way.

Here, you won’t find any fancy ‘rose gold’ finishes, nor the smooth rounded edges found on the new Samsung models. Created by a company renowned for their rough and rugged construction machinery and work wear, the S60 personifies Caterpillar’s ethos in exemplary fashion.

cat s60 smartphone side preview with buttons

First and foremost I’m sure you will notice the inbuilt, hardcore die-cast strengthened case – rendering it drop proof up to 1.8m and actually exceeding military spec. Next on the list of nifty features is that this is an actual waterproof phone (up to 5m, using the unique ‘Lockdown Switch’) – by comparison, Samsung’s are only waterproof to 1.5m, and not covered by warranty for water damage. Oh, I should also mention it comes with a glove which enables you to use the touchscreen underwater with no impediment what-so-ever. Cool huh?

Of course we save the best ‘til last, and this one is sure to blow you away. Caterpillar has introduced thermal imagery technology to its already impressive 13 megapixel camera. Far from a gimmick, this thing will let you know everything from your barbeques gas leak through to the freshest loaf of bread at the bakery.

With all this running through an Android operating system, you can feel assured of sleek usability and a very workable interface with the Caterpillar S60 Smartphone. Your move, Apple.

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